What We Offer

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language initially developed for creating dynamic web pages. Most commonly used as a server side scripting language, it can also be used in graphical user interface or command line interface. The similarity to languages like C and Perl makes it an easy to understand programming language for a professional developer. PHP offers website with high performance, reliability, secure and with dynamic content. Enriched user experience offered by PHP has proven out to be unbeatable in the industry.

Services offered by us include:

  • Custom Programming:  We create professionally designed and developed applications or software solutions for your business requirements.  Wide array of products are offered which can be customized with the open source script supplied. Not just web application, we are also involved in creation of multimedia applications as well.


  • Software Customization: Customization of our basic e-commerce software applications is offered at competitive price. We add new features or alter existing ones to best suit your business requirement. Redesigning of the website to have a new look and feel or to create a new website which would meet all e-commerce standards, we would be the best choice.


  • Script Installations: The open source scripts bought from us will in installed on the web server by our support team. This installation will cover uploading of program files and images with set up and configuration of the script. Once tested and verified, the required access settings would be delivered. Thus we are not just selling our products, but we get it ready to work for you, verify it’s up to the mark and ensure secure operation as well.