Open Source PHP Scripts

The endemic popularity gained by e-commerce has made the business groups competitive among themselves to level their existence online. Creating fast, efficient, stylish and powerful sites has always been a complicated task. PHP scripts have however brought about a transforming change to the web design and development world.

Rasmus Lendorf wrote the first line of codes for PHP to track down a web page visitors. PHP was initially acronym for Personal Home Page and later evolved as PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. Designed as a scripting language during its advent, PHP turned out to be most widely acknowledged server side scripting language.

The PHP community is the strong source behind the success for PHP. It’s a community of active highly skilled professionals who offer support any time. They keep updating new scripts and bug fixes, which adds on to the stability of PHP as a programming language. The source is free open source which further added on to the advantages of PHP.

There were quite a lot of advantages accompanied in using PHP scripts for creating websites and they include:

  • PHP is swift, established, safe, accessible and free or open source
  • Runs on any platforms including Linux, Windows or OS X.
  • PHP scripting is similar to C or Perl, which aids in easy understanding for a developer from similar background.
  • No need of additional plug-ins or special browsers to view PHP coded websites
  • Knowledge base available for PHP is the vastest online library.

The open source PHP Scripts are not just cost effective but helps in creating resourceful, stable and highly performing websites.